Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

In a smart phone, there are 3 main features that I look for: screen, camera and various features. I have a more comprehensive list, but basically, the S9 checks every box and meets almost every criterion I'm looking for.
The Galaxy S9 Series has a variable aperture lens that allows it to move from f1.5 (low light and natural bokeh) to f2.4 (more detailed shots in well-lit areas). It sounds like a gimmick but it really helps.
The Galaxy S9 Plus offers 2 cameras, while the others have a 12MP camera. The second camera is a telephoto lens which gives you 2x optical zoom and also helps in artificial bokeh shots.

On the S9 line you have the option to shoot at 960fps which can slow down a 0.2 second clip by 6 seconds. On the S8 you are limited to 240fps.
The Galaxy S9 and S9 + support SD cards up to 400GB while the S8 series can only do up to 256GB.
The Galaxy S9 line has the new Snapdragon 845 (US) and Exynos 9810 (Global) while the S8 line has previous gen chips.
The Galaxy S9 line features stereo speakers where the earpiece acts like a loudspeaker.
The S9 line has a theoretical internet speed of 1200MB / 200MB while the S8 has 1024MB / 150MB.
Another fine observation is their camera flash in the Galaxy S9 line is covered with a diffuser panel which helps give a soft pleasing portrait unlike the S8 line where the flash is not covered by any such device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

So let's talk about the screen. This is arguably the most prominent part of the S9. At 6.2 inches and 1440p resolution, you will not be disappointed. Using a phone is a blast in that everything is very large. It almost feels like a small tablet and really makes for a satisfying experience. The screen is also OLED which means that each pixel lights itself which creates amazing viewing angles and a beautiful image. This always allows for display-like features that only illuminate pixels that display when the phone is asleep. There isn't really any phone out there that could possibly even touch the S9 except the iPhone X. But still you have notch and quite a small screen. Such a nice screen? No, the best screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera

The second aspect I will focus on is my favorite part of the phone: the camera. This is the first S Series phone to implement the T OK dual camera system and get a telephoto lens at the press of a button. But telephoto lenses are trivial compared to what Sampubag has done with its cameras. The first that has implemented an entirely new feature in the smartphone world: a variable aperture lens. If you are not a camera person, this may not mean anything to you, but it is a big deal. See, usually the camera lens of a smartphone has a fixed f stop, or how wide the lens is. However, Samsung has managed to install a small ring around the camera to switch the aperture, so that more or less light is allowed inside. This actually makes for better performance in bright or dark scenes.

The second big camera feature is slow motion capability. The S9 can record video at 960 frames per second. This means that you can record video at 30 times slower than normal speed. However, slowing down of video will usually take up a lot of storage and it will be very difficult to process that what Samsung has done is create slow motion capture when it detects movement and only for a short time. . This may sound like a big business but the feature works well and is a major step forward in smartphone cameras.

As far as the camera goes there are a few more points I want to touch on. The first is that it records 4k video at 60 fps which is impressive. Samsung also implemented their own version of Animoji which is scary and no one will really use them but they are there so I think that is good. There is also a slow motion mode which is 240 frames per second at 1080p which is very good. Everything else is expected for a Samsung phone and is one of the best cameras on a smartphone. However, I have some complaints. First of all, the rear sensor is still 12 megapixels which is good but they have for quite a few years and they really should increase the camera to megapixel. I wish Samsung would have also opted for a monochrome sensor instead of telephoto, but this is a great complaint with all the other amazing camera videos. Basically it is another feature of the phone which is king in the smartphone market with competitors only in iPhone X and Google Pixel.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Now on everything else. Personally when I buy a phone I need waterproofing which the S9 has. It also has new audio which I appreciate very much. The bottom speaker is common in the phone but the phone earpiece is used as a tweeter as a game for the high end. It sounds really cool. It may not be as good as the Razer Phone or Google Pixel, but still looks great with a low end and a surprising amount of highness that gets a bit crunchy but not bad. Overall, very good speaker. These new speakers include Dolby Atmos. This is a very good audio feature that makes the audio sound so much better. Atmos is basically an audio system that performs sound in 3D space so that you can hear audio in a 3D space. It is truly an immersive experience with the included headphones. Let's talk about them. Samsung had AKG earbuds with the S8 but this is my first time. For the earbuds included, they are amazing. They have very good bass and high. They are very clear and pleasant to listen to. But they are earbuds so they become uncomfortable after a while but include interchangeable earrings so that they are as comfortable as possible. Samsung has really completed their audio and it has really impressed me.

Some other cool features are doing one thing, but impractical iris and face scanners, quick fingerprint readers, USB C, all useful features of Android, a headphone jack (we're in 2018 where most phones don't have them), and more some. The list goes on and on. I really don't have anything bad to say about the S9. The only thing really is that it is hard to hold, it being all glass makes it slippery.

The second final question I would like to address to those who are debating S8verses S8. The only thing you need to consider is the camera. If you want an unprecedented camera, go with the S9. If you don't, go with the S8. Either is an excellent choice.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

In the end there is only one barrier between you and your S9: money. Yes it is cheaper than the iPhone X but not completely. The Plus model is $ 840 and the normal one is $ 740. This is a lot of money for a phone. But is that all smartphones? No. The cameras alone are almost reaching the DSLR arena and are also capable gaming devices. Smartphones are the computers of most people. If you buy the S9, you are buying a lot more than a phone. That is why I believe that if you have the money, it is worth it. So in the end I would recommend the S9? Absolutely and unevenly yes. This is the best smartphone you can buy.

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