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American strength has its own limits.

American strength

American strength 

The 'Asia Reassurance Initiative Act' approved by US President Donald Trump is notable in many ways for the Indo-Pacific region. Most importantly, it has directly targeted China. This law assumes that Beijing's activities are 'weakening' the international system. It does not seem to be wrong either. China's expansionary policies are not hidden from anyone. She advocates Ekatra Raj on the South China Sea. He has also built many artificial islands there. Its interference in the border of countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam has also increased. Now it is trying to make other countries an economic colony by trapping other countries in the debt trap. All these activities are against the spirit of facilitated international order, and this is why America seems inclined to increase pressure on China.

The other side of this law is related to terrorism. According to this act, the US is serious about the elimination of terrorism from the Indo-Pacific region and wants to work with India in this. Indeed, how terrorist activities are increasing in this region, only the collective effort of all countries against it can be effective. Our National Investigation Agency NIA had also recently said that factions like Islamic State should be active in India. So American law gives us a pleasant feeling. We will now be able to get technology and modern weapons from Washington in the war against terrorism. However, complete success in this fight will be achieved only when we build our house. For this, we will have to fix the internal situation and make efforts for peace by sitting at the negotiating table with neighbouring countries. But till then, by taking advantage of this law, we can definitely make our fight against terrorism deadly.

The third aspect of this law is that now India will be able to get defence technology or equipment etc. as easily as it is available to the major allies of America. Now there will be no compulsion for us to take a license every time, which will make the transaction easier. Section 204 of this law speaks of strategic alliances with India, which intends to strengthen mutual relations in diplomatic, economic and security matters. We will now get all possible help not only from America but also from its allied nations. In Southeast Asia, along with American allies like Japan, Australia, we will be able to move forward on maritime security. Indonesia and Vietnam are also countries with which we will be able to give a new height to our relationship.

All these circumstances will definitely prove to be our status in international forums. But all this will be decided when the American attitude is revealed when such cases are revealed. This concern is because President Trump, while signing this act, also made it clear that even though Congress (US Parliament) takes its own initiative on foreign policy, the President or his office is not obliged to accept it. This means even if Congress passed any policy related to India if it does, then it will be the prerogative of the President whether or not he stamps it.

Obviously, this act gives us a chance to be happy, but with caution. America's policy against terrorism is a vivid example of this. Washington may talk to the whole world about ending terror, but its lukewarm attitude towards Pakistan continues unabated. The United States still considers Pakistan its main non-NATO member country. President Trump may have banned the subsidies given to Pakistan in the last few months, but he has also assured him that if he changes his stand towards terrorism, the old relationship with him will be restored. Will go, while Pakistan is no less a headache for many countries including India. Through Pakistan, America wants its interest in South Asian country Afghanistan.

He also hopes for the rule of Imran Khan. In such a situation, if the intention of America changes concerning Pakistan, then India can suffer the loss. That is why we cannot decide our foreign policy around this one act. Our relations with other countries should proceed logically.

Regarding China, this law undoubtedly advocates giving special attention to India in Asia, but we cannot ignore Beijing. We have to show as much readiness to speed up our relations with countries like Australia, Japan and America as we are willing to warm up in our relations with China. The challenges of the Indo-Pacific region can be dealt with similarly. The good thing is that New Delhi understands the importance of China, which is why it has given a different height to its relationship with Beijing. A few peaceful disputes have been resolved peacefully. It is clear that this law of America only simplifies the process which is related to defence deals. How we want to build our relations with other countries will be our own decision.

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