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God Particle:The next phase of Large Hadron, who found God Particle, is far away

God particle

God Particle is far away

This is not a good time for science. The phase of closing our borders in trade and beating the sting of nationalism in thought is going on all over the world. In such a situation, private technology may be coming in routine technology, but no country opens its treasury to break the stalemate of science. The end of 2018 and 2019 has started with some big science-related news, but in further research, we will see that these news are either the product of a long-running project, or a cheap sensation brain behind them. doing work. The twentieth century is being called the century of biology for a long time, so let's start with the news of this side.

The human mind is the biggest mystery of the world, so the eyes of the world are still working on the functioning of the Cell Censor Network, with the capital of scientists and private entrepreneurs from many countries. The work of this network currently focuses on the gradation of cells present in the human brain. There is a general belief that several thousands of different types of cells work in this small space in great harmony. But nobody knows what is the architecture of their engagement, the structure of their integrated work? The practical significance of this study can be gauged from the fact that the physicians at the California Institute of Technology working under it returned the sensation of a paralyzed arm of a paralytic human last year. In everyday conversation, it can be called 'bypass of the mind', but here you can consider it as an example of the miracles that come forward.

Discovery and report of God Particle 

Discovery and report of God Particle

A similar work with great potential is going on in the field of genetics through crisper (clustered regular interspaced short palindromic repeats). In this scope, gene editing technology called CAS-9 is also being tried on incurable genetic diseases like sickle cell anemia. With the correct use of this technology, parents suffering from diseases of this class can give birth to perfectly healthy children. Unfortunately, 2018 ended with a news report from China in the field of genetics, which cannot be justified by the scientist 'Hey Chyanqui'. He told a press conference in Quangzhou that the twins recently born in his lab were due to his genetic editing, but he did it to deal with an incurable disease or whether he had the necessary permissions. He was able to speak only a few questions on questions. In the last century, the world has seen the racist thinking of Nazi scientists in this area, then it would be good to step forward in this direction.

Significance and some evidences of God Particle

Significance and some evidences of God Particle

The year started with a great work related to planetary science. NASA's New Horizons sent beautiful photos of Ultima Thuli, the farthest member of the Solar System. Insight lander will soon provide important information about the inner structure of the planet by studying the micro-earthquakes of Mars. US-based Osiris Rex and Japan's Hayabusa-2 are expected to bring samples from two asteroids passing close to Earth this year, which may reveal some of the mysteries associated with the creation of the solar system. Our Chandrayaan-2 may also leave this month for new moon discoveries. But China has done the greatest feat in this realm, by launching its own vehicle named Changai-4 and a rover on the far surface of the moon. We know that the interest of America, the only country to land humans on the Moon, was lost in it long ago, because there was no scope of business in the Moon. 

The Chinese renewed interest in the moon not only in terms of knowledge but also in business. Bringing something from there to earth will be a profitable deal or not. But a low-frequency radio astronomy from the far surface of the moon can be started now, but perhaps by next week. Explain that only one part of the moon is always on the other side of the earth and the other side. Not only the entire Earth but also the lunar surface on this side is immersed in the noise of man-made radio waves. In such a situation, we are only able to hear the screams of space from radio telescopes on earth. If we want to hear its whispers, then the only stable-quiet place for this can be the distant surface of the moon. The prime location required for this work is currently with only and only China in the world and it knows how to earn from it.

 God Particle image


Returning to the initial discussion of this article, China is currently spending the most money on fundamental science. The US had already started pulling its hands from this task before Trump and the European Union has not yet recovered from the shock of Breguit. The next phase of the Large Hadron Collider finding the result / God particle is still far away. Japanese physicists had submitted to their government a project to build a $ 7 billion International Linear Collider to work on this particle, which they rejected last year. But China has proposed a plan to do this through a $ 4.3 billion circular electron-positron collider only last year. The world's largest optical telescope, made at $ 17 million, is going to start its operations in China, typical of Arunachal Pradesh. Do not know, after twenty years, the world thought why did he allow China to get ahead in science in the worry of business and water.

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