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Nepal pulls back on map dispute, postpones a proposal to amend the constitution

Indo-Nepal dispute

Indo-Nepal dispute

• Nepal, which has published a new map showing the areas of India as its own, has retraced its steps on this issue. According to news agency ANI, a meeting scheduled for Wednesday to amend the constitution to update the new map in Nepal has been postponed. With this, the scheduled discussion in Parliament for the amendment of the House of Representatives of Nepal has also been postponed.
• The parties have decided to seek a national consensus on the matter. The Government of Nepal on the occasion removed the proceedings of the Constitution amendment from the agenda of Parliament today.

Two-thirds majority needed

• Today was set to organize a discussion in Parliament for amendments to the House of Representatives of Nepal. The report said that the country's political parties decided to form a national consensus on this issue.

• Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli called an all-party meeting on Tuesday to form a national consensus on the issue of new maps, but some other reports believe that political parties could not form an opinion on the issue. It is known that any constitutional amendment in Nepal requires a two-thirds majority.

• It is said that the leaders of Madheshi parties are also pressurizing the government to get their demands. A senior leader of the Janata Samajbadi Party said that we also want our long pending demands to be taken care of, but so far no satisfactory answer has been received, whereas PM Oli has given it purely from the national sentiment of the people The issue is connected. At the same time, the Nepali Congress has said that the issue of a constitutional amendment for the new map needs to be discussed in the party.

• Be aware that the ruling Nepal Communist Party has a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly, but it will need support from other parties to pass the Constitution Amendment resolution in the lower house.

• It has 10 seats less than its two-thirds majority in the lower house. However, the Nepali Congress, which has supported the government's move to release the new map, while also stating that the constitution amendment proposal requires discussion in the party. The ruling party has urged everyone not to associate their political demands with it.

• It is noteworthy that in the past, the Government of Nepal had released a new map of its country, in which it had declared a total of 395 square kilometres of Indian territory in Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura. The government of Nepal had announced that this map will now be used in all the schools and government offices of the country.

• On behalf of Nepal's Ministry of Land Management and Reform, Minister Padma Ariyal had said on the occasion that the new maple would be placed before the Parliament so that the amendments made therein would be approved.

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