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China’s increase strength in the Indian Ocean: India-US will have to make a plan

To increase China’s strength in the Indian Ocean, India-US will have to make a plan: think tank

China’s increase strength in the Indian Ocean

• A US think tank has said that the US and India is trying to stop China trying to strengthen its position in the Indian Ocean by taking advantage of the crushing economic situation of Pakistan and Sri Lanka due to the Coronavirus epidemic. A plan should be made.
• There is a concern in India with the increasing presence of China in the Indian Ocean. India has been trying to increase maritime cooperation with countries in the region, including Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore, mainly to curb China's growing aggression.
According to the think tank 'Hudson Institute', the coronavirus epidemic is not only threatening life and livelihood in South Asia, but it can also lead to significant political and strategic changes in the region.
In a report written jointly by the institute's Indian-origin researcher Aparna Pandey and former Pakistan ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, the think tank said that the economies of India and Bangladesh would survive the devastation, but their governments needed to conserve and boost investment Economic growth will have to be maintained by giving.
• It said, "Pakistan and Sri Lanka will probably go in the direction of negative growth and will need debt relief from international lenders." Without it, Sri Lanka is likely to face major debt defaults.
• Both countries are likely to look to China as their benefactor as their leaders seems to have been doing for some time. "According to the report 'Crisis from Kolkata to Kabul: Impact of Kovid-19 in South Asia' China can put pressure on South Asian debt-ridden governments under exchanges to their advantage.
• The report released this week by the Hudson Institute states, "This will be at the cost of India's security and the influence of the United States in the region." India and the US should formulate a plan to stop China trying to strengthen its position in the Indian Ocean by strengthening relations with Pakistan and Sri Lanka. "
• China is seeking the help of Pakistan and Sri Lanka for its ambitious 'Belt and Road Plan' and has been criticized for its financially fragile countries for its own benefit.
• The report said that Pakistan is not paying attention to India's initiative to work together in the area due to the threat posed by Kovid-19 and it is raising the issue of Kashmir even in this challenging time.
• It mentions, "Even though Pakistan lacks the resources to strengthen its army against India, it is still trying to show itself up against the much larger country India. May increase the use of conventional war (terrorism). "
• The report said that international pressure, especially the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) sanctions, may be needed to curb anti-Indian sentiment among Pakistan's civilian and military leaders.
• It states that in the past Pakistan has used natural disasters to infiltrate terrorists into India. Indian officials are concerned that Pakistan may use Kovid-19 as a form of insanity to do so.
• The report states, "Although there is unlikely to be a full-fledged war in the subcontinent, tensions between India and Pakistan are likely to continue to hamper regional cooperation efforts."
• This kind of cooperation can make the task of economic reconstruction easier, which will mainly happen at the end of the epidemic. India can and will probably work together with other countries in the region, but not Pakistan.

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