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Corona will be more painful than its future results, increased psychiatry in the country

Corona Virus Future Results

Corona Virus Future Results: Increased Psychiatry 

The impact of the Corona-caused crisis has started to seriously affect the mental health of the people. A recent United Nations report states that around 270 million people worldwide suffered from mental illness before the Corona crisis. Now, this number has almost doubled. Today, the whole world has come to such a point where both the present and future are worried about it. What Corona has done to the entire human race will have far more painful consequences in his future.

The corona will certainly be controlled in the coming times, but the necessary precaution being taken today to secure the future has profoundly affected the mood of the people. All these feelings have led to negativity, such as closed life in homes, fear of financial crisis, the clamour of not living a normal life and above all the fear of corona.
It is this negativity that causes panic and then depression exacerbates mental illnesses. One of the reasons for the problem is confusion and lack of understanding about the disease. Actually, our reaction is determined not by medical knowledge, but by our social and self-thinking thinking. It is easy to imagine that the corona has hit the mind-brain more than the body. It is another matter that much attention is given to the treatment of physical diseases in India, mental health is not a big issue here.

According to the survey of the Indian Psychiatric Society, after the arrival of the coronavirus, the number of patients suffering from mental diseases in the country has increased by 15 to 20 per cent. In fact, infectious diseases have a profound psychological effect on people and the reason is that people have to behave contrary to their innate human instinct, which is difficult and painful for them. Causes mental confusion.

corona virus

The state of uncertainty in the present circumstances is scaring people. Especially the feeling that there is nothing under his control. In the Corona crisis, they are the only ones who are affected, but they are also suffering, who are busy serving the corona victims day and night. According to a survey of 1,257 physicians in 34 hospitals in China, 50 per cent of physicians treating corona have become depressed. The condition of nurses and other health workers is far worse.
On February 2, in connection with mental health problems of physicians fighting the disease, China's National Health Commission issued a notice urging local agencies to provide mental support and counselling, aimed at controlling their mental problems. But India has not taken any such step so far.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has also issued a guideline expressing concern about mental health during this transition period. According to the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, we should set a 'priority period' of about half an hour a day, one daily Time and at one place. This allows the rest of the day to pass well.
In that priority period, it should be thought that you cannot change anything by worrying about what and what can be changed by worrying about. Surely we will know that our life is most important for us right now and for that, it is very important to adopt positive thinking. 
 We have to understand that today physical distance is necessary, but not emotional distance.

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