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Drug terrorism: New threat emerging against global security

Drug terrorism & Smuggling

Drug terrorism & Smuggling
To Prevent Drug terrorism & Smuggling Force

How interconnected are terrorism and terrorism?

Terrorist organizations are basically dependent on three things to keep their activities active - man, weapons and money.

It is mandatory to ensure large amount of money supply for carrying out terrorist activities. Terrorist organizations mainly rely on recoveries and some illegal businesses to obtain such large amounts of money.

Drug smuggling is one of the most profitable businesses in the world of illicit trade. That is why terrorists form alliances with drug smugglers.

Other aspects of this alliance

Intelligence Center for CounterTerrorism and Organized Crime
Intelligence Center for CounterTerrorism and Organized Crime

Drug smuggling is also an important means of infiltrating border areas, liaising with government officials, providing terrorists living and hiding places, buying weapons and recruiting new terrorists. Poor, uneducated and unemployed youth are the first targets of terrorist organizations. Economic temptation acts as a catalyst for them.

In addition to money in the promotion of terrorist networks and recruitment of new terrorists, drugs are also used on a large scale. Mindwash of a person by drug intoxication can incite hatred against anyone. Countries and organizations that seek to disrupt global peace offer both drug trafficking and terrorism a chance to thrive and protect.

Drug Market-

Drug Market in the whole world
Drug Market in the whole world

The economy of some countries rests on the drugs trade, such as Afghanistan, especially its southern province which is the leader in opium production. The Taliban is in the strongest position here.

The Taliban monitor the international market in terms of narcotics. When prices fall, the Taliban also increases prices by stopping its supply.

Pakistan does the job of converting opium produced in Afghanistan to heroin in the world market. For this, the Indian state of Punjab is used as a transit route.

According to a United Nations report, Pakistan's Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are important drugs routes. Similarly, one route goes to the Gulf countries via Karachi.

Large quantities of opium and heroin are transported through the Balkan countries to Europe and America through the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran (the opium-traded areas of the three countries known as the Golden Crescent).

The second major area of ​​heroin production in Asia is the opium producing region of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar which is known as 'Golden Triangle'.

• The Columbia region of South America produces large amounts of cocaine. From here it is supplied to Mexico, America, Canada and Europe. The financing of Columbia's notorious terrorist organization 'The Revolutionary armed forces of colombia-FARC' is basically dependent on drug trafficking.

• China's Yunnan Province also produces drugs on a large scale, which is transported to the international market via Hong Kong and Taiwan. Cannabis and opium are also produced in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.

• Terrorist terror attacks in India suspected to be linked to drug smugglers-

• Drug smugglers' involvement in the Gurdaspur and Pathankot attacks, data from the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC) of AIIMS describing Punjab as a base for drugs, reports from intelligence agencies and many other such developments towards the growing links of drugs trafficking and terrorism. Let's indicate.

• Since the amount of protection against smuggling, local leaders and government officials also receive large amounts of illicit money, they ignore it by being subjected to greed or considering it a common crime, which is a serious threat to internal security. .

This is the problem of the whole world-

• Drug smuggling plays an important role in strengthening terrorist organizations. Through various treaties and agreements, various countries are trying to curb this. The role of Paris Pact, 2003 is most notable in these efforts. Currently, 58 countries and 23 institutions, including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, are members of the Paris Pact.


• Drug smuggling may emerge as a major threat to India's internal security in the coming days. In such a situation, instead of looking at terrorism and drug trafficking separately, efforts should be made to control them strictly so that this problem can be dealt with in time.

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