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Job crisis in front of workers returning from cities

labour displacement in lockdown
Image by Somesh-Jha from Business standard

Job crisis in front of workers 

Job crisis in front of workers returning from cities, where is this next phase of disruption and wild displacement.

Tatibandh intersection of Raipur! An iron box on one shoulder, and a bag packed with luggage on the other; A sweat-laden woman on the back carrying ahead and two small children walking barefoot licking dry lips in her armpit. It is a labour family, who are walking on foot from a city in Maharashtra. In the last ten days of the journey, all the wilderness, river, mountains, townships and towns were found, but Manzil is his village in Mungeli district. Mungeli is still far away. Yes, there is so much hope that Mungeli is not far from Raipur.

Endless pain of internal displacement

Be it the Tatibandh area of   the capital or the railway stations of Raipur and Bilaspur, these days all such places remain a mirror of the endless agony of internal displacement. We - you are confined in our homes and are eating and drinking fruits and vegetables, milk etc. cleanly. Physical distance is also being applied by spraying the sanitizer on the hands and applying the mask. On the other hand, looking at the huge number of workers of these workers, it is clear that these people are running wildly towards their mother, their country to extinguish the stomach fire, unaware of the danger of Corona.

Hope to get relief after reaching the village

All of them have to reach their village and home as quickly as possible. Right after a long time, perhaps they feel that there is no employment in the village, no factories and showrooms, but there is no starvation death either. The thatch is right, the roof is on the head and also a little bit. In such a situation, the question is whether these shocked and disturbed people will get relief by reaching their village? Will there be any means of earning and eating? Will their children be able to get an education like urban schools? Will these people not go to cities again?

 A new type of pressure on the village economy


However, Partho Mukhopadhyay of the Center for Policy Research is calling these displaced as seasonal labourers. Still, it is difficult to say how many of these workers will return to the city this time after the farming season. This is also important concerning Chhattisgarh because the nature of migration from the villages here is less permanent, more seasonal.
Whatever it is, one thing is almost certain now that the pace of migration towards cities will slow down for some time ahead. The return of the existing displaced and the situation of the villages will increase in the situation of living there, but the economy will have to face a new type of pressure. This situation cannot be said to be very encouraging because of the needs of modern development.
State Government announced several schemes for migrants
If there is a labour crisis in the cities, the country's economy will falter. Therefore, in the coming years, governments will have to follow the sword of this potential crisis. If we look at the current crisis of internal displacement in the context of Chhattisgarh, then it is going to be a new challenge for the government here. In this way, the state government has announced several schemes for the upliftment of villages.
The objective of schemes like Gothan, Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari is to promote village industry and create employment opportunities. But these plans are yet to come on the ground. The biggest obstacle in their path is money, which has to come from different departments. The Gram Panchayats have been made the nodal agency of these schemes. The problem with this is that there is no competent coordination mechanism between the panchayats and government departments. Due to this, the panchayats do not have funds for these schemes.

CM demands to increase work for two hundred days under MNREGA
However, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has recently announced to give funds to speed up the Gothan scheme. If some concrete steps are taken in this direction, the pain of people returning empty-handed from the cities can be relieved to an extent. During the video conferencing with the Prime Minister recently, CM Bhupesh sought to double the working days under MNREGA to two hundred days.

 Certainly behind this demand, there must have been some talk of sudden pressure on the means of employment in the villages due to this internal displacement. In Chhattisgarh too, the primary problem for people returning from cities in hundreds of villages is going to be employed. In such a situation, two hundred days of MNREGA can heal the wounds of these displaced.

New problems may arise in the corona era

New problems may arise in the corona era

UNICEF's ongoing report on this new trend of internal displacement occurring in the current era of Corona also has some frightening signs. The institute's executive director Henrietta Four has expressed fears that problems such as child labour, child marriage and child trafficking may increase due to this new problem. Chhattisgarh is not untouched by these problems. If the fears of UNICEF are raised then a new problem may arise in front of the state government and the society here. Overall, for the immediate relief from all these problems related to displacement, the government will have to take care of the villages right now. Perhaps a new route will emerge from there.

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