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Story of the rise and fall of Islamic State

 Story of the Islamic State

islamic state terrorism

That's how it started

After a long battle, the US had liberated Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein, but Iraq was completely ruined during this independence. As the US military left Iraq, many small groups started fighting their strength. One of them was Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. This al-Qaeda was the head of Iraq. He was engaged in preparing his land in Iraq since 2006.

Al-Qaeda Iraq becomes IS

Baghdadi could not succeed much due to lack of resources. However, by the time he took over Iraq, he changed the name of Al-Qaeda Iraq to a new name ISI i.e. Islamic State of Iraq.

Baghdadi reached Syria

Baghdadi merged the commanders and soldiers of Saddam Hussein's army with him. After this, he started building the initial targets of police, army offices and checkpoints. By now several thousand people had joined with Baghdadi. Yet Baghdadi was not getting that success in Iraq. So he decided to turn to Syria. Syria was then starting a civil war.

Then changed name

For the first four years, Baghdadi did not achieve any major success in Syria. During this time, he once again changed the name of his organization to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). On June 2013, the General of the Free Syrian Army first appeared and appealed to the world that if they do not get weapons, they will lose the war against the rebels within a month.

world terrorism

Overturned days

Within a week of this appeal, the United States, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar started providing arms, money, and training to the Free Syrian Army. These countries have all delivered modern weapons, anti-tank missiles, ammunition to Syria. From here the days of ISIS were reversed. Actually, the weapons that were meant for the Free Syrian Army, they reached ISIS within a year because by then the IS Free Syrian Army had made a dent and many of its people had joined them.

Expand in a year

ISIS now occupied a large part of Syria and Iraq. These included many big cities of these two countries. From June 2014, the havoc that ISIS started in Iraq and Syria continued unabated till date. ISIS militants had captured several important cities in Iraq and Syria. He was running his government in these areas. IS had captured cities such as Raqqa, Pamayra, Dair Ijour, Hasakka, Aleppo, Homs, Yarmuk, and Ramadi, Anbar, Tikrit, Mosul, Fallujah in Syria.

Beginning of the end

stop terrorism

In June 2017, the IS suffered a major setback. Mosul was freed after a long battle. Gradually, the ISs left the area one by one. His sphere of influence kept shrinking. In 2018, the Syrian government laid siege to IS in Yarmuk, south of Damascus, and on the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

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