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UNICEF and Save the Children claim

UNICEF and Save the Children claim

UNICEF and Save the Children claim 

Corona will cause 8.6 crore children, including India, to be poor around the world by the end of this year

• By the end of 2020, 86 a million children will become poor due to Corona. This will bring the total number of children affected by poverty to 67.2 million worldwide. This will be 15% higher than the previous year. About two-thirds of these children will be from African and other South Asian countries, including India. This is revealed in a joint study of UNICEF and Save the Children.
• Earlier, the World Bank had also predicted increasing poverty worldwide due to the epidemic. Bank President David Malpas said in a conference last week that this would make 60 million people very poor all over the world. They will also lose all their profits made in the last three years.

The government should expand the social security system

• UNICEF and Save the Children have requested all governments to expand their social security system. Accelerate providing food to children in schools, thereby reducing the impact of the epidemic.
• Both agencies have assessed the outbreak of epidemics based on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and population of about 100 countries. Accordingly, the epidemic is more likely to spread in Europe and Central Asia.

If you take immediate steps, the impact of the epidemic can be reduced.

• UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Four has said that due to Corona, there will be a massive economic crisis on the families. This will reverse the progress made so far in reducing poverty among children for many years. Children will be denied essential services.
• However, according to Inger Ashing, head of Save the Children, taking immediate and decisive steps can prevent the impact of the epidemic on poor countries. This will also save the children most affected by the epidemic.
• Hunger and malnutrition may have a greater impact on these children in a short period. This threatens to affect their entire lives.

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