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America Racism Protest : Discrimination Against Blacks

America scorched in the fire of racism

America Racism Protest  Discrimination Against Blacks

The reason for the violence that continues in the streets of America these days is not only due to the police's humanity, but the discrimination of white and black that has been present here for years. Due to this apartheid, parts of America have been loosened from time to time and it has not been able to get rid of this infamous stain in the world. Historical investigations in this regard show that when America became independent 230 years ago, its economy was in its infancy, and it had a somewhat primitive economy. Then America was dependent on Europe for export goods and capital support. But within a century, his economy car started to run fast on its tracks. Not only this, he left many countries behind in the race for supremacy. It is another matter that this race was held in continuity with the distinction between white and black. In the early twentieth century, America had the highest GDP in comparison to other countries and over time it was successful in maintaining this supremacy.

At present, the racism that America is going through, it is difficult to believe once that it is the most powerful country in the world. Surprisingly, a white policeman holds the neck of a black citizen until his life is gone. As such, such a provision of punishment in a civilized society is hardly acceptable to anyone. Just here, America has once again become a victim of racism. This incident has thrown a new fire to the US, which is suffering from Corona virus on a large scale, whose flames have reached more than 150 cities. White House security is also at stake. The situation became so catastrophic that President Donald Trump had to hide in the bunker for some time. From this, it can be guessed that the anger of blacks is not the result of many years.

All-round criticism of Trump's attitude

US President Donald Trump is calling for a halt to violent protests in major US cities. He has also warned that if the governor of the states refuses to install the National Guard, he will deploy the army. It is worth noting that Trump has been adept at developing a new problem to overcome a problem, which has been causing trouble for him. These days, all-round trumps are once again the target of many. Former US President Barack Obama, including Microsoft company CEO Satya Nadella, Google's Sundar Pichai and former PepsiCo CEO Indira Nooy, are questioning Trump's attitude. The way Trump tries to solve the problem with pressure, this is probably why he has been criticized all around.

The act of Trump breaking ties with the World Health Organization in the midst of the Corona epidemic has also raised many questions within and outside the US. The US President is to be elected in November this year and Trump will seek to find a way to the White House once again in this election, but the first failure to deal with Corona and now the fire of apartheid has created new trouble in his way.

America's incurable disease breed

At this time, the whole world is eyeing America. America has been burning for about a week. People are on the streets and Trump is talking about resorting to the army. Racism is America's biggest epidemic whose vaccine has not yet been discovered. America, which has got rid of new diseases, has considered racism as incurable disease. There are about 18 percent of blacks in America who have to suffer constant discrimination. The incidents related to this remain in good news, but this time it spread widely. Actually the history of apartheid in America is very old. It is closely linked to when people of African descent were brought to America as slaves for the first time in 1619. It has been 400 years since this incident happened, but this genie is still alive in civilized America.

History of the arrival of blacks in America

America has been in the form of colonialism for many years and during the first phase of this colonialism, in 1619 some black people were brought and settled in Gentstown. Initially these people were brought from the West Indies, but later in 1674, the Royal African Company started to bring black people from Africa in ships. Initially, all black laborers were brought as slaves, but as the demand of laborers increased due to the exorbitant reasons, the condition of blacks became worse. In the late seventeenth century, a slave manual was formed in Virginia, which allowed slaves to be treated as personal property that could be bought and sold in the market. The consequences of this pathetic condition of black people were to come. This is why the line of division came into existence between blacks and white Americans, which gave rise to racist and apartheid history in America.

Its crude letter has emerged as a document on the streets of America even today. Surprisingly, after hundreds of years, the American Declaration of Independence did not say anything about the trade of slaves. The emphasis placed on the principle of freedom and equality was not for slaves.

Police excesses and discrimination against blacks

Martini Luther King Jr., who was the big face of the movement in America's history, considered Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, as his ideal.

He had said that in the coming days can it be expected that my children will be able to breathe in America free from racism. Actually Martini Luther King also had the view that violence has no place in the movements and once he also said that the riots are those whose voice is not heard. In view of the said statement, Martini Luther King's statement confirms the truth. A policeman holds a black man's neck with his knee for eight minutes and molests his breath. If this is the reality, then Martini Luther King's talk is more like a strong proof of America's Fiza. The riots and protests in America show that blacks did not get the justice and the place they should get. Apartheid is still speaking in the US, while it has been more than 230 years since its constitution. Apartheid is so strong here that most black citizens are still fighting for their rights.

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