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Health policy for the coming year

Health Policy & Covid-19

health policy

Lockdown has begun to be relaxed while the spread of the epidemic continues to increase. In such a situation, the question is, what should be our health policy in the coming year? Talking about public health, there is a significant difference in the estimation of population and scale which will lead to better personal decision and also in the decentralization of the process of deciding the rules of social distance. It would be prudent to broaden healthcare capacity. For this, private healthcare companies have to be taken along.

India began in late March with the world's most extensive and stringent lockdown. A ban reduction process began in mid-April. The employment rate, which was around 40 per cent at the end of February, had come down to 26 per cent by mid-April and has now come back to 29 per cent. It is believed that it will improve further in the coming days. Everyday life is moving towards normalization rapidly.

Meanwhile, the epidemic remains with us. There are also many problems in the statistics of infection and death. We must use caution while using them. However, statistics show that a large number of people in the country have been infected by it and the epidemic is continuously spreading. If the mortality rate of age-based infection is applied to the population of the country, then a large number will emerge. Risk management approach will be right for the future. We do not know how bad the result will be, but there is a possibility. In such a situation, we will have to make extensive efforts in the field of health policy from today so that the epidemic can be better managed in the next one year.

Health policy depends on two things: prevention and treatment. Speaking of rescue, standard methods of isolation and social distance have not proved to be very effective. Yes, Kerala and Tamil Nadu may be exceptions to some extent.

How can there be a better job in the field of public health? 

We have to work in a decentralized manner at the cities and district level to make predictions about PCR and antibody testing and know how much the disease has spread. What kind of people has immunity developed? How far are we from achieving collective deterrence? This assessment must be done simultaneously in a suburb and a village.

Why is all this information necessary? 

When every person has complete information about antibodies and infected people, then he will be able to make better decisions about his daily life. Second, every community will be able to use this data to make better decisions about how to start things afresh. The epidemic can be slowed by making better decisions. Whatever better decisions people make about their personal level and their neighbourhood, the disease will spread and it is quite possible that our capabilities in the healthcare sector will have to increase further. Much has to be done to improve per capita health facilities.

A large part of healthcare in the country is private. In such a situation, we have to make full use of the health facilities of the private sector in two and find ways to achieve greater potential. Overall there will be a huge healthcare problem. It is a matter of regret that the private healthcare sector in the country is facing deep difficulties. Patients are avoiding their health needs because they fear infection. The decrease in revenue has caused huge stress on the financial front for many healthcare companies. It should be noted in the healthcare policy that the capacity of general auxiliary medical facilities can be increased with respect to Kovid-19. Whereas the current financial and human resource-related problems have resulted in significant loss of capacity.

Government organizations have also been seen occasionally using force to acquire private healthcare units. This stance is disappointing for three reasons. First, an airline has a wide range of functions and many services other than aircraft. In the same way, a hospital also has a lot more than its infrastructure and medical equipment. Hospitals are a complex network of information and encouragement. If a state government acquires its infrastructure, its institutional capacity may suffer severely as a severe financial and human resource crisis may arise in front of the institution. Secondly, in the depressing scenario of the country, the healthcare capacity we need is not present at the moment. Only those equipped with such capability and developable managerial skills are in the private sector. But the use of state power does not inspire their energy and their passion. Third, any such move by the government gives the wrong message to the private sector. This weakens the will of the private sector to create an organizational structure for decades to come in the country.

How can we perform better in this case? 

Health care policy needs to recognize that 70% of the responsibility in the healthcare sector in the country is held by private firms. This critical sector is currently going through a crisis and needs to get rid of it. Policymakers need to understand this and stop undermining the work done by private health firms for profit. They have to be encouraged to play a better role in the current situation. Local and state governments should ask private health firms to voluntarily come forward to create new facilities for COVID-19 cases.
For this, public finance management of the government should be smooth. The government should pay a fixed price until its inception so that the private firm is not at risk. If people have to be hospitalized in a big way in the coming year, then these medical facilities will work for us.

This will require money. The rough estimates suggest that for this, private firms will have to provide funds on a large scale so that they can provide screening and health facilities. There will also be a need for financial planning through which these resources can reach cities and districts.

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