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India and Australia's first virtual summit

India and Australia's first virtual summit meeting today

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• The first virtual summit meeting is going to be held on Thursday between India and Australia, which is considered very important. In this meeting, apart from bilateral relations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australia's PM Scott Morrison, the proposal of US President Donald Trump to create a new global platform in place of Group-7 countries is also likely to be discussed.

• Trump has spoken to Modi about this a day earlier and has proposed to include Australia and two more countries with India in the new platform.

• According to the sources in the Ministry of External Affairs, the relationship between India and Australia is very warm, which is constantly getting stronger. On April 6, 2020, there was a telephonic conversation between Modi and Morrison in which bilateral relations

It was agreed to cooperate on Covid-19 along all the dimensions of •. The importance of this summit between Morrison and Modi also increases because both countries still have very strong relations with China.

• In view of Australia's stern attitude towards Kovid-19, China has threatened to stop heavy imports from it, but there has been no change in Australia's attitude. On the other hand, the border dispute between India and China is getting deeper by the day.

• Not only this, the US administration has indirectly supported the attitude of India and Australia in the dispute with China. In such a situation, the interaction between Modi and Morrison will also have an impact on the formation of Group-11 proposed by Trump.

• Modi's interaction between his Australian counterpart will be another important business. Australia's pension funds are among the world's largest investors.

• Just as Prime Minister Modi had placed the agenda of investment at the top in the negotiations with the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it is believed that the Morrison government can also invest in India's infrastructure sector through its fund. Will try to invite you. The fund has also invested one billion dollars in India.

• Australia wants India to invest in its mineral sector for its huge needs. Australian companies have just invested $ 10.74 billion in India, while Indian companies have invested over $ 10 billion there. A new investment agreement between the two countries is also under negotiation.

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